Children need love, especially when they do not deserve it.

Harold Hulbert

Children's party

A children's party is a party for children such as a birthday party or tea party. Since medieval times, children have dressed specially for such occasions. Children's birthday parties originated in Germany as kinderfeste. Businesses that plan or arrange children's parties have become more common during the 2010s.

Oh Happy Day!

  • DIY Confetti Backdrop
    I was inspired by a confetti print on an old napkin and thought it would make a fun backdrop. My favorite thing about this wall decor is its made completely of paper. So easy. We cut this paper and taped it up to create a confetti inspired-photo-worthy party backdrop. We added some fun balloons on the...

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  • Balloon Poetry 02
    New Balloon Poetry by Amy Turn Sharp. As we were shooting this several people stopped to comment including a woman who clutched her chest and got emotional. Photos by Naomi Julia Satake  Assisted by Sarah Price Olsen Poetry by Amy Turn Sharp
  • Lollipop Pinata Makeover
    Pinata Makeovers are my favorite because it takes out the messy component (paper mache!) and you only do the fun part (decorating!) A pinata makeover is when you take an existing pinata, remove its fringe and remake it into something else by redecorating the base. It is an easy way to get a custom look. Today...

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  • Beet Dyed Deviled Eggs
    If you ride the egg hunt train on Easter, then you know the very common problem of having enough hard boiled eggs to eat for approximately 3 years. One way I love to combat that is by making a bunch of deviled eggs (then eating them all by myself in the corner). If you wanted...

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  • Modern Candy Leis
    There are so many exciting things happening this time of year, including graduation! At my high school and college, candy leis were a fun gift that graduates could wear on their special day and enjoy as a treat later. We decided to do our own take on this tradition by adding paper flowers, tassels, iridescent...

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